There are days when I feel like giving up on my goals.
Days where it all goes smash.
Nothing seems to work in my favor.
Days when I feel like I've taken steps backwards and the idea of achieving my goals, realizing my
dreams, and changing my world seems impossible, unbelievable, and/or meaningless.
I may not achieve all the goals I set or realize all the dreams I have imagined but I will die on the mountain to achieve and realize them. I will not quit climbing, learning, failing and trying.

I hope you don't either.
"You were created to be extraordinary. Keep believing in the impossible, the unbelievable and the unimaginable."
David Bush
Extraordinary results coach and motivational speaker
David Bush is known for motivating audiences using his unique speaking style and combination of motivational content, coaching strategies and easy to implement take away tactics. David gets results long after he's left the stage due to his dynamic presence during the event and his ability to provide ongoing coaching tools, resources and accountability systems.

He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and consultant to clients and health professionals across the nation. After succeeding as a former All-American collegiate athlete at the University of South Dakota and graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, David pursued a professional football career and landed a starting role with the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League in Des Moines, Iowa. After four years of playing professional football and two trips to the the World Championship game ('96 and '97 Arena Bowl), David entered the world of professional sales.

After quickly proving his ability to produce results as a top producing Mortgage Consultant, David became the Executive Vice President of Sales of a regional mortgage company and later coordinated the merger two mid-sized mortgage companies with 18 production offices in Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota and continued his success in management and business as a co-owner of the organization.

Since leaving the mortgage business in 2004 and personally losing over 100 lbs., David now focuses his efforts on coaching others to live successful and significant lives through the his extraordinary results coaching program and speaking services. David is a leader in the coaching industry and passionately leads the way in those who wish to succeed in life and in business. He lives in Pella, Iowa with his wife Kristen and their children Cassidy, Morgan and Caleb Rock and Beau.
Program 1
David has spent the majority of his life following his personal and professional dreams and he has achieved them in record time. During this session, David share’s insights from his Live an Extraordinary Life book and Extraordinary Results Coaching System, his personal stories of success along with inspirational stories of others who have realized their dreams and encourages and inspires the audience members to realize their full potential!
Program 2
Despite what’s popular in today’s marketplace, leadership success is not a secret. It’s about consistent implementation of timeless leadership principles. During this session David guides the audience through the Six Commitments for Extraordinary Leadership Success. He shares real life, take-away strategies and tactics to succeed in any leadership situation.
Program 3
During this session David will coach your team of sales professionals how to implement the Critical Success Factors to help them become a trusted advisor to their clients. Over the last 20 years David has pursued the best relationship building techniques, tactics and strategies and now he’d like to share the best of the best with you and your team.
Program 4
As an extraordinary results coach to top executives and entrepreneurs across the nation, David has developed a system to help individuals shatter complacency to achieve extraordinary results. His simple strategies will give participants the focus they need to succeed in the marketplace and thrive during highly competitive times while increasing production and productivity.
Program 5
After losing close to 100 pounds in 7 short months and running two half marathons, David now inspires others to optimize their health and achieve peak performance. His humorous approach and motivational message provides a fun filled event while challenging participants to take action on adopting healthy lifestyle habits and get results for a change.
  • "David I just wanted to thank you for your presentation, "Becoming An Extraordinary Leader," that you gave to our employees last week at our biennial company meeting. This was a very beneficial and timely topic for our organization, and I trust that everyone was able to take away some helpful information regarding identifying goals, setting a timeline, and meeting those goals, either personally or professionally, or both. Like two years ago, we heard many positive comments about your session. It's my hope that we each take action on the "six C's" to becoming an extraordinary leader."
    President - United Contractors, Inc.
  • "David Bush recently made two presentations for the Mason City Area Chamber of Commerce. He met with our high school youth leadership group in the morning, and provided the keynote address for a chamber luncheon. David was terrific!

    Most importantly, his blend of humor and life lessons was a perfect fit for our events. Clearly, David understands the special challenges facing Iowans and his self-deprecating humor immediately puts the audience at ease. I highly recommend him as a speaker!"
    Mason City Area Chamber of Commerce
  • "Our highway chapter invited David to speak at our annual convention this past February – as the Opening Session/Keynote Speaker. Our members were very impressed with his presentation, as it was not only upbeat, but something many in the audience could relate to. We had a lot of individuals stick around and talk directly with David after the session; which is a positive indication that he grabbed their attention. He got our convention off to a great start with his inspiring stories, and I feel confident your members would say the same if you have him at your event!"
    AGC Nebraska Chapter
  • “David, you were a HUGE hit with our group! Your presentation was great. You were a pleasure to listen to since you are such a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker. The message motivated us to take charge of our lives and to create a Life Plan. It was definitely one of our best programs of the year!”
    Programs Director - National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
  • "David Bush’s presentation at the Lion’s Multiple District Convention was well received by all 450 attendees which included Past International Presidents and dozens of leaders from the states of California and Nevada. His presentation on “Sustaining Success! How To Create A Legacy That Inspires Others” was well presented with a mixture of serious information and humor. The audience was kept attentive and laughing with his presentation. Many of the audience members commented how much they learned and enjoyed David’s presentation. I highly recommend using David as a keynote speaker at your next company’s meeting. You will come away with great ideas and information to help you in your daily lives."
    Past Director - Lions Club International
Partial Client List
Here is what you can expect from my presentations:
An opening keynote speech starts your meeting with a bang and keeps everyone talking about David's message through the end of the meeting. A closing keynote sends everyone home on an energized "cloud nine." David talks to the level of the audience and connect with them whether they are a group of senior executives, mid-level managers, hourly employees or salespeople.

David's style and approach:
David is a high energy, fast-paced speaker who combines strong content with an entertaining delivery. So you can't miss. David is not only make an intellectual connection with your audience but also an emotional one. Clients have described his speeches as inspirational and motivational with loads of laughter.

You need something you can take home:
David's content is simple, practical, and easy to remember and use. It is quite common for audience members to successfully use one or more of his ideas from his speech several months after the program. Not only will your audience members learn a lot; they will have a great time. David's delivery is funny and electrifying. There is always a lot of laughter and "A-ha's" from the beginning to end at one of David's programs.
David's top priority on every assignment:
For the client/meeting planner: 
To make him or her a hero. To have the audience members as well as top management rave about their choice of a speaker. To raise a mediocre meeting to good, a good meeting to great, and a great meeting to magical. To be so good that the audience will forget other small problems that may have happened at that meeting. To be invited back by popular demand.

For the audience: 
To make them laugh and learn simultaneously. To give them tools to improve their personal and professional lives. To make them forget all their outside problems for the brief time David is there with them by giving them an inspirational performance unlike any they have ever experienced before. To get them to say, "This is the best speaker I've ever heard."

For the speakers bureau: 
To exceed their client's expectations so the client will happily continue to do business with the bureau. To get additional information about the client and its key people to feed back to the bureau for future business and additional business relationships with that client. To seek out additional business opportunities for the bureau and to get more business together.

David's content/topic evolution: 
David is constantly refining my topics with new, updated material, examples and stories.

Support materials, handouts, and follow-up materials David supplies to clients:
For each of David's topics, he provides clients: an introduction; free handouts from his PowerPoint slides; a free weekly ezine for each audience member to reinforce the concepts of his programs.

For meeting planners: 
David provides a A / V checklist for room setup and a Pre-program Questionnaire (PPQ) to tailor his speech to the audience, photos (color and black and white) and easy telephone access to David prior to his program.
For speaking schedule, fees and/or to book David for your next event, contact us:
The Extraordinary Life
PO Box 191, Pella, IA 50219

Use the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE PLANNER to LIVE YOUR DREAMS & CHANGE YOUR WORLD! The Extraordinary Life Planner has been designed to walk you through the step-by-step strategies to design and live your very own extraordinary life. If you invest the time to complete it and put it into action your results will be staggering!
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